Protecting Delicate Coastal Environments

One of the most challenging issues in coastal restoration is the need to protect a very broad range of environment. From the shore side of rivers to the sea-floor habitats of organisms, coastal zones are home to wealth of delicate marine life.

Protecting these sensitive environments is an important part of our coastal restoration effort. It requires concerted effort on both ends of the dredging process. On the shore side, we have to carefully manage the placement and depth of sand we pump ashore. Our challenge is to reserve the effects of erosion and storm without impacting the many species that depend on these shorelines for their survival.

As we mine sand or rivers, the challenges are no less demanding. It is vital that we identify and protect sensitive hard bottom areas, at the same time avoiding pipelines and other man- made hazards that could pose an environmental threat of their own.

Our commitment to protect delicate coastal environment is evident in the precision we’ve engineered into our dredges. Our positioning and control systems let us achieve tight dredging tolerances. These systems allow us to precisely control even the largest dredges, minimizing their impact on the environment.