Civil Construction

We are experienced construction teams \ to supervise contracts in workshops and in the field anywhere in Nigeria. Each team operates under the leadership of one of our construction managers selected or his appropriate track record to match the requirements of the project.

He is supported by a multi-disciplines group of specialized supervisors, many of whom have been associated with the company for many years.

The nature of the services offered can be detailed as follows:

  • Initiating and planning of construction activities
  • Preparation of contract.documents for subcontractors
  • Attending to contractual matters
  • Progress control
  • Construction site co-ordination.
  • Quality control during construction.
  • Control of material and equipment supplies, warehousing
  • Liaison with Authorities and other third parties

    Project administration and documentation

    Each team is self-contained with regard to technical and administrative services, able to monitor and report on quality, costs and schedule until the installation is fully tested and commissioned.

    All aspects of the team’s activities are covered by ERESON OIL & GAS SERVICES LIMITED’s Operating Procedures, but if preferred the clients own procedures can be followed.

    Training of client’s personnel can be provided either on site or in the manufacturer’s workshops. Operators are encouraged to participate in the completion of the project from early stage, accompanied by our own specialists to provide “hands-on” experience. .

    ERESON OIL & GAS SERVICES LIMITED can also supply individual specialist personnel to supplement the client’s own organization for large or short duration.